Molly Raskin

brand + digital strategist


Brand Strategy

As a culture and community-obsessed strategist, I develop engaging digital, social, and live experiences for a diverse client base.

I manage on-going content curation and create custom offerings that appeal to socially engaged consumers.

Digital Marketing & Content Strategy

I’ve cultivated partnerships with brands to build foundational content, voice, community, and marketing strategies.

Conducting market research and competitor analyses enables me to find whitespace for my clients to own, and to develop cross-channel best-in-class content.

Project Management

I lead and support multi-disciplinary teams to produce successful solutions, and apply SCRUM and Agile methodologies to run projects efficiently, on time, and within budget. 

Molly Raskin is a brand strategist and project manager living and biking in Chicago, IL. She is currently at Someoddpilot and ROOKIE.

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